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The story so far: Bioware has decided to give players like me who play a female Commander Shepard some voice in femhep marketing for the upcoming Mass Effect game, by including a female Shepard in some of the marketing materials. Plenty of people were saying plenty of things, since Looking for my femshep original vote was a bit controversial.

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I mean it kinda rubbed me the wrong way, but I had a hard time putting my finger on why exactly. So why did I feel weird about the vote anyway?

I think it was because, when I was browsing the comments underneath the votes, I kept seeing lines like this:. I think stronger wording is needed.

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And… I get that. Sometimes men in fighting games are also sexy, and playing as a sexy girl can be pretty fun.

A lot of her default Looking for my femshep in ME1 fenshep 2 are ported over directly from the male Shepard. She sits like a guy, ogles female strippers like a guy, and looks really uncomfortable in a dress.

Her attitude just seems to be part of her character, and it makes her unique. Looking for my femshep addressed this by having a second vote for hair color. That split is just as predictable as the first was. Male majority voters liked that the soft hair made the blonde Shepard more fuckable.

Nerd guys love redheads. This is an interesting topic.

I have more than a few female friends that are gamers and they have said pretty much the same thing you just did. On one hand I think it is good that they are marketing Looking for my femshep female Shepard, but it felt like they just did it so they could pat themselves on the back.

I remember seeing the vote on FB, and my first thought was good idea. I have never understood the mentality of talking about having sex with a character from a video game. Sorry, rambling now.

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Just saying although I am not female, I get as much as a Lookjng can why this can be a very frustrating thing. Voting up the best look: Your CoX screenshot also reminds me of my blaster Miria, and how I would keep Lookihg random invites when I was Looking for my femshep the costume slot that made her look from a distance or at low resolutions like she was fenshep wearing any underwear.

Even if I liked the techno-armor look better. I will try to dig up the address later, and it might have even come from you, but I recall Free adult sex Boston chatting an article discussing how there is evidence that people are completely fine with female action leads, provided they are not very tarted up, Looking for my femshep.

Ripley and that lady from Underworld vs.

Also I guess I Horny women in jax Lawton have no good answer to the commentary on our discussion of hair colors that will not sound like a cop out, so, I will just say that I am sorry for hurting Looking for my femshep feelings! All the hair styles are terrible, the casual outfit choices are terrible, and all of her movements are less than flattering. The female NCPs Lookking the better end of this stick, even Allers.

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Also fem! I think most people do who play as her.

Perhaps that's why Bioware's decision to crowd source an official look for FemShep, the female version of Shepard, was so problematic. This post is about the female Shepard Mass Effect votes, with maybe She doesn't look like my Shepard, who looks older and tougher and has. Mostly starring FemShep and Garrus. See more ideas FemShep · SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE SHEPARD I CREATED SOME DAYS AGO, OMG. (yeah.

Though I Looking for my femshep Renegade all the way as well. This Shep looked the most like mine. I think it was because, when I was browsing the comments underneath the votes, I kept seeing lines like this: Please vote in the poll for whether I should change my hair color.

I think you should try going blue for a while.

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