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However, hiring women into jobs like construction, machinery, trucking, etc, is tricky business. There is a high turnover rate for female employees.

There are prevalent difficulties with sexual harassment. There is the situation of how to deal with maternity leave.

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Cnstruction bosses want employees in the saddle as long as possible, without being anchored to paying maternity leave. And maternity leave aside, there is the simple fact of the matter that a number of these jobs are physically demanding enough for burly men, let alone women.

On the subject of paid maternity leave, Paquette told the story of a female construction worker, one that is not unique:.

Bridget Booker, 36, said she was afraid to tell her boss she was pregnant.

So, she hid her belly under baggy coveralls and kept working on a bridge project in Peoria, Illinois. She told no one when she lost the baby three months into her pregnancy. She called in sick, and then returned to work less than 48 hours after her miscarriage.

Such are the challenges for females in the heavy-labor workforce—and they are challenges the bosses have to take into consideration. New Zealand, for example, is also facing a shortage of workers in infrastructure and is seeking to fill the gaps with female workers.

As Scoop. Women are not just filling the gaps in labor-intensive trade, but in a number of cases, they are outclassing their male colleagues. While women are increasingly accounting for a Construction worker looking for masc men percentage of employees in prestigious fields dominated by men such as business, law and medicine, men are more likely to be working lower-paying gigs that generally draw women, including store clerks, customer service and textile workers.

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Race and wealth appear to play roles on both sides of the equation: There are a variety of reasons for these challenges, as the Times pointed out, including the decline in factory work and other male-dominated fields. The recession is another factor.

But the jobs still need to be filled, particularly in the trades. Businesses are taking their cue in reaching out to women as a previously untapped resource. Momswhat choice do they have?

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And they are doing just that by looking to draft women into the workforce. Where are the real men with the drive, commitment, willingness and vision to pursue high-intensity labor?

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How can the population continue to grow without the related housing and infrastructure? How will America even expect to eat, unless some are willing to fill the dying occupation of farming? The departure of the greatest generation and the baby boomers is leaving sorely needed societal roles empty.

The young millennial men have grown up with a very different idea of the role and responsibility of masculinity. E-mail Christopher Eames. Women Wanted: Rosie the Riveter.

On the subject of paid maternity leave, Paquette told the story of a female construction worker, one that is not unique: